As a child I loved to decorate with my homemade decorations. I made

everything from gifts for my family and friends to a full size paper fireplace

for Santa. Give me  paper, scissors, paste, and crayons and I would be busy for hours.  As I grew older I learned to do all types of crafts.


As a teenager I  learned that I preferred quality to quantity.  I worked many jobs including , waitress, cleaning, babysitting, vegetable inspector, camp counselor, on my grandparents farm, and others.


While attending Kutztown University I took a job in a concession stand at

Renninger's Antiques & Farmers in Kutztown. My employer seeing some of my work encouraged me to display and sell it at the stand. Well I did pretty well selling my crafts.


Graduating  from Kutztown University I began teaching special education in a local school district.  I pursued my craft making also and my former employer encouraged me to open a small shop at the Renninger's Farmers Market. Not able to keep up with the demand with stocking the store I decided I would sell items made by other craftsmen. Eventually I got married, adopted a son & gave birth to a son and stopped teaching. I choose only what I love and would use in my own home. (Quality not quantity) Along with the antiques I love to buy and the wonderful craftsmen I have met though the years I have built a successful business.


I invite you to visit the shop sometime in Kutztown.  2016 is my 33rd, yes 33rd year.


Oh by the way ...the employer and former employer that encouraged me...

I married him.


Sharon Renninger’s Country Meadows

Kutztown, Pa

Open Fridays 10 to 7 & Saturdays 8 to 4

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Located at Renninger's Market

740 Noble St. Kutztown, Pa 19530

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